Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stop it already!

I won't be able to take 4 years of this type of whining about how Obama has not brought change to Washington and how he is hiring *gasp* people with actual government experience.

First of all, Obama has not been elected yet, so how about everyone just chill out before you complain that he has not lead the world to utopia yet. Second, some people are all talk and some people try to actually do what they promised. If Obama had been all talk, he could have hired incompetent and/or inexperienced people to look as if there was change while in reality there would just be a 1-2 years of inefficient government because people had to learn on the spot. If Obama is serious about change, it won't be a cosmetic change based on the CV of a few staffers, it will be, you know, change that could affect people's life such as the Baucus health plan.

Third, Obama is NOT a radical and has never claimed to be. If you expected William Ayers at Education, Naomi Klein at Commerce, the ghost of Karl Marx at Treasury and Chomsky at foreign policy; you're in for a disappointment. As I said before, Obama is a consensus politician who will merely tilt the country in one direction.

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