Thursday, November 13, 2008

A look at Tories following Blair's election

REPUBLICANS looking for a friendly shoulder to cry on in the coming months could do worse than look up their ideological cousins across the Atlantic. For the Conservative Party in Britain knows what it feels like to be wiped out in a watershed election by a charismatic opponent whose victory brings jubilant scenes on the streets and heady talk of a new dawn.


Mr. Cameron’s efforts have paid off: recent polls suggest a Conservative victory at the next election. Of course, the lessons of one society can never fully apply to another. But the Tory experience suggests that a defeated party of the right has to move toward the center, abandon divisive social issues and elect a leader who looks as if he or she actually belongs in the 21st century. -Jonathan Freedland, NYTimes
I suggest you go read the whole article, which explains how the Tories reacted after its resounding defeat at the hand of Blair's Labour 11 years ago. This might be a sign of things to come for the Republican Party. It will be one of the story I'll follow closely in the coming years; the internal debates inside the Republican Party and how they plan to retake the country. They do seem to be heading the Tory way for now, but it is too early to make any serious predictions.

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