Monday, December 1, 2008

RIP Harper?

Josée Legault believes that Harper's political career is over, even if he manages to survive the next confidence vote. I admit his star appears to be falling; he did not manage to score a majority government despite the Liberal Party being at an historic low, he ran a bad campaign and now he has shown that his political instincts might not be all that great. And it appears that more and more people are realizing that he is indeed a right wing ideologue despite all his attempts to change his image: cuts on culture funding, attack on women's right, no stimulus for the economy, suspension of the right to strike for government employee and his attempt to cut party funding, etc.

I would not count him out just yet, but I would not be surprised if he was kicked as a leader; and I am fairly certain the CPC will never win an election if they keep Harper against a LPC with a new leader.

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