Monday, December 1, 2008

The crisis in Ottawa helps Charest

The crisis in Ottawa is the thing everyone is talking about right now in the political world; even with provincial elections a mere week away. This is good news for Charest because since he has been leading overwhelmingly in the polls, it gives less of a chance for the other parties to catch up and also because he can point to Ottawa as an example of why a minority government is not a good idea. For Charest, no provincial news is good news.

Update: An alternative view would be that the current crisis shows that a minority government is good because it allows other parties to prevent the government from doing whatever they want and that if Charest has a majority he will become "arrogant" like in 2003 whereas if it is a minority he will have to play nice as he has done since 2007. That might work to some extent, although I think the fear of an "unleashed" Charest is much much weaker than the fear of a despotic Harper among Québécois.

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