Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why everyone but Midwesterners hate the Big 3

Still, I wonder if there aren't also some other factors at work in the relatively hostile reaction to the Detroit Three. Most Americans simply no longer identify with the domestic auto industry (or with the states of Michigan and Ohio). To the Southerners who now make up the core constituency of the Republican Party, it's a bunch of coddled, unionized workers trying to get handouts that the South's auto industry (Toyota, Hyundai, Nissan, Mercedes, BMW ...) doesn't need. To the coastal urbanites and suburbanites who now make up the core constituency of the Democratic Party, it's an industry that makes crappy big cars and fights against higher fuel efficiency standards. And to the business press it's the worst thing of all: a trio of companies that are neither exciting nor financially successful. -Justin Fox
But then again, Obama's support was very high in the Midwest. If he did nothing about the Big 3, he would almost certainly have to find a way to win in 2012 without Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. That alone will make sure that there is a form of bailout for the Big 3.

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