Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What is the project of the PQ for the province?

There was an answer by Pauline Marois that I found fascinating. A young man mentioned Barack Obama and how he had reignited the American Dream before asking the leaders what was their vision of the future for Québec.

Marois' answer was remarkable more in what she did not mention than in what she talked about. She spoke about taking care of families and education. But she did not even hint at independence in her answer. Sure, she mentioned it briefly elsewhere in the debate, but very little. But it was striking that the leader of the independence party of Québec, when asked what is her project for the future of Québec does not even mention the long term goal of independence. Of course she does not want a referendum unless she thinks she can win, and she knows Québécois do not want to talk about independence now; but I found it fascinating that she would not even mention it in her project for the province.

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