Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quebec election update

I have been quiet on the subject of the election here in Québec, because even for a political nerd who lives in the province like me, it's very hard to be excited about it.

To reiterate what I said before, no one wanted this election. The Prime Minister, Jean Charest (PLQ) decided to call snap elections because he thought it was the best time to transform his minority government into a majority. A bit less than two weeks ago, I predicted that he would manage to do so. A new poll by CROP/La Presse seems to support my prediction. The PLQ (Liberals) gets 42%, the PQ (Independence party) 31% and the ADQ (populist party) 15%. Compared to the 2007 elections, that's +9% for the Liberals, +3% for the PQ and -16% for the ADQ. What's more, 64% of respondents want a majority government and 59% are satisfied with the Liberal administration. That should be more than enough for a majority for the PLQ.

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