Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pseudo-science at the EPA?

Via Jason Zengerle at The Plank.

I've been fairly pro-Obama through this election cycle (for reasons that I'll elaborate in other posts), but now that he's elected I fully intend to be as critical of his decisions as I was of Bush's.

Now to be fair, he hasn't made that decision yet, but the rumor floating around is that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. might end up as the head to the Environmental Protection Agency. I remember reading his junk pseudo-science article in the Rolling Stones on the link between vaccination and autism and thinking this guy was a kook. I majored in science and I know the data behind the autism and thiomersal/vaccination and there is simply no relationship between the two, despite tons of data analyzed attempting to find a link.

One of the worse thing of the Bush administration was how anti-science and anti-competence it was. Incompetent people with good connections got high ranking job (Heckuva job Brownie!) and the administration disregarded science and facts when it didn't suit their ideology. Given the way Obama has run his campaign I do no thing we will see this kind of incompetence in his administration, but if Kennedy gets this job I'll be disappointed.

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