Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Frum website

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I want to assist in that conversation. Starting over Inauguration Weekend, I'll be launching a new website, It will be a group blog, featuring many different voices. Not all of them identify as conservatives or Republicans. But they - and people like them - are the people conservatives and Republicans need. I hope we will debate policy as well as politics. I hope above all that we can create an online community that will be exciting and appealing to younger readers, a generation often repelled by today's mainstream conservatism. -David Frum
It is a good sign to see conservatives trying to revive a healthy internal debate by escaping the suffocating environment of some journal such as National Review. Watching the conclusions conservatives reach and how they react to an Obama administration will tell us as much about the future of this country than watching the every moves of the Democrats in Washington. So pay attention.

Hat tip: Andrew Sullivan

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