Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Welcome to my blog. I've been semi-obsessively reading the blogosphere for a while now. I think it's about time that I join the fray and put my thoughts, comments and opinions out there. As written at the top of the page, this blog will be about canadian, american and international politics.

In the next few months it will not be hard to find things to talk about. Barack Obama won the Presidential election yesterday and will become the 44th President of the United States on January 20th 2009. I have followed his career since his famous speech at the Democratic Convention in 2004 to his victory yesterday and I intend to follow and comment how he runs the country, particularly the foreign policy aspect.

In canadian politics things are also interesting. Canada reelected a minority Conservative government on October 14th but a Leadership race is starting in the Liberal party following Stéphane Dion's resignation after the election. This race is extremely important since the Liberal party is the party that is expected to replace the Conservative when (if?) they get their act together. On the provincial side, my home province of Québec is holding election on December 8th which is also something I'll cover.

As for international politics, things are happening everywhere at breakneck speed so I probably won't be able to write about all I'd want to. I'll probably focus on the interrelation between the US and the world as I'll be trying to read the tea leaves on how the Obama administration will deal with the world and how the world will react. Also expect a few posts on humanitarian crisis, like the current conflict in Democratic Republic of the Congo.

For those who want to categorize me, I'd say I'm slightly on the right in canadian politics (altough not quite a Conservative), definately on the left in american politics and a realist in foreign policy. I also have a deep skepticism on the West ability to change the fate of countries through intervention, whether it's for militaristic or humanitarian purposes.

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