Friday, November 28, 2008

Crisis in Ottawa?

It appears that the minority Conservatives government might fall, a mere few weeks after gaining power. The three opposition parties find Thursday's economic package "unacceptable" and they are talking about voting it down and forming a minority coalition government. It seems the Liberals do not want to have a government under Dion and the rumor is that the Liberal caucus would more than likely vote Mr Ignatieff to lead the coalition government even though he has not yet won the leadership race. If you can read french, I suggest you read Chantal Hébert's blog for the best update on this situation. Here are her two latest posts which sums up the situation. I think it is time that I dust up my knowledge of the Canadian Constitution and Canadian federal political history because I'll admit it is not my area of expertise and the situation just got suddenly really interesting for the first time in (my) living memory.

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