Saturday, November 22, 2008

Clinton at Secretary of State

Well it appears to be semi official now, Hillary will be Obama's Secretary of State. I did not expect the rumor to be true, but it seems I was wrong. It is still strange to me that Hillary has accepted to lead Foggy Bottom when she had a safe seat in the Senate which she could use as a springboard for her 2016 (or maybe 2012) campaign. Maybe she decided that she would be too old in 2016 at 69 years old, or maybe she found the experience too harrowing this time around to want to try a second time.

But here I will make a second prediction, hopefully more accurate than the first. Obama convinced Clinton to accept the job because he told her he had big plans in foreign policy, and so he wanted someone experienced just like her to run the State department. I am thinking he mentioned either his support of the Arab Peace Initiative for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict or his policy on Kashmir. Either way, I am certain he managed to convince her by promising, or hinting at a place in history.

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